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Easy Guide to Spiralizing Your Vegetables

By Ali Struhs

If you’re bored of the tossed garden salad as a side to many of the Jenny Craig entrees, why not turn (literally) your veggies into noodles? Pasta-like vegetable noodles are a nutritious way to sneak in veggies for you and your family and are so easy to make, too, with a simple kitchen gadget. Using a spiralizer to make some of your favorite vegetables into noodles won’t derail your diet and puts a new twist on eating your veggies. Here’s a quick and easy guide to spiralizing your vegetables.

Spiralizing vegetables is so easy.
With a vegetable spiralizer, turning wholesome vegetables into noodles is easy and takes just minutes. Spiralizers can be purchased at a big box store for as low as $15. Prep your vegetable by washing, peeling if needed, and slicing off the ends to be flat. Place the veggie in the spiralizer and start turning. In a pinch with no spiralizer? It’s simple to shave your vegetables with a peeler into thin, noodle-like strips, or carefully julienne cut the vegetables to look like noodles.

Carrots, squash, and potatoes, oh my!
Not every vegetable can be spiralized. Those that are hollow, too thin or too short, and juicy won’t work well, but garden-fresh, firm vegetables like beta carotene-packed carrots and potassium-rich zucchini, are perfect for spiralizing into delicious noodle-like side dishes. The non-bulbous end of a butternut squash and sweet potatoes also work well.

You can cook your spiralized vegetables by tossing them in a skillet with a dash of olive oil and seasoning or in your favorite tomato sauce, or leave veggie noodles like zucchini raw, for a fresh, unique taste that is quick to prepare on busy nights. Just add Jenny Craig’s light balsamic dressing and toss before serving.

Jenny Craig meals and spiralized veggies are the perfect pair.
Spiralized veggies pair perfectly with many Jenny Craig meals. Instead stopping through the drive through on your way home from work and devouring a handful of fries and a quarter-pounder, try spiralizing nutritious sweet potatoes for a healthy side to a Jenny Craig Beef and Cheese Slider. Serve a side of fresh zucchini noodles tossed in a light, fat-free dressing with the Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce for an Italian-style dinner. Add butternut squash or carrots that have been transformed into noodles to make soups, like the Creamy Tomato Vegetable Soup or the Chunky Vegetable Medley Soup, heartier and richer on a chilly evening.

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