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Indulge in These 4 Desserts This Fall

By Staci Amend
October 2016

Traditionally, fall and winter are seasons of feasting—and they’re also a time when we spend more time indoors, with access to an abundance of leftovers. But seasonal temptations need not throw your weight loss program off-track: Jenny Craig has got your back! Indulge in these four decadent desserts over day-old pecan pie or office kitchen brownies, and you’ll start the new year on top… without ever feeling deprived.

Chocolatey brownies
When that chocolate craving hits, reach for the Chocolate Walnut Brownie to welcome fall. This sweet treat is a decadent chocolate dessert sprinkled with walnuts. You’ll think it came baked fresh from your oven!

An apple a day
Apples are in season in during fall, so now’s the time to take full advantage of this harvest-time favorite. Jenny Craig’s Apple Crisp is a little bit tart, a little bit sweet and 100% delicious, any day of the week.

Talk about a party! Our divine Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake is like a tiny party for your mouth—without the usual repercussions to your waistline. This moist cupcake is crowned with buttercream frosting and a dash of festive, colorful sprinkles. Can you say YUM?

Fudgy reward
For those days that deserve a truly special treat, nothing fits the bill like our Chocolate Lava Cake. Rich, fudgy cake surrounding a velvety liquid center? Oh YES. Whether you’ve reached a big Jenny Craig milestone, gotten that promotion at work or have simply survived another day of carpool—you have definitely earned this.

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