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Creating a Community of Support for your Weight Loss Journey

By Staci Amend

We hope you’ve got a great real-life personal support system—not just for your Jenny Craig weight loss journey, but for everyday life! We all need someone to turn to every now and then, and whether that’s your spouse or your BFF, being able to talk to somebody who just GETS you is key to navigating life’s ups and downs. There are times, though, when your support needs are specific to your weight loss program… and for those times, Jenny Craig has got your back. Here are just a few ways to connect with us.

Online: Your 24/7 Jenny Craig pit crew
If you’re not already a regular in the Jenny Craig Community, you might consider spending some time getting acquainted with us. No matter what kind of issue you need to discuss—whether you want to work through a particular pattern of craving, find healthier substitutes for your favorite foods or break through a plateau, we’ve got a Forum for that. Sometimes you need specific guidance, like how to follow your Jenny Craig program if you’re lactose intolerant or what to say when you encounter “food pushers.” Sometimes it just helps to connect with others who, like you, have made a commitment to living healthier lives.

Our forums are loosely organized by theme, like Successes and Join a Challenge, but there is TONS of variety within each theme, so don’t be afraid to dive deep. You never know, you might find a thread that expresses exactly what you’ve been feeling, and which gives you just the boost you need to stay the course. And don’t forget our online article library! We're constantly on the hunt for new studies and helpful advice.

In person: Your awesome consultant
Are you maximizing this important relationship, beyond your weekly check-in? Your consultant can help you find ways “think outside the weight loss box” by crafting creative menus, helping you stay on track at work, finding new workouts that speak to you and so much more. Feeling stuck? Lean on your consultant for help with maximizing free foods, healthy recipes and lots of other ideas to do it YOUR way. Remember, many of our consultants are former Jenny Craig members, so they’ve probably been exactly where you are at any given point in your journey—and all of them are trained weight loss experts.

Either/or: Your weight loss buddy
Some people join Jenny Craig with a friend, and this can be a GREAT thing! It’s great to have another member who’s by your side every step of the way. If you’d like a local, in-person buddy to share this journey with, ask your consultant to connect you with another member from your center. But if you’re a more private person, you might prefer the anonymity of a virtual weight loss partner to a face-to-face relationship… so why not get a virtual buddy? Many Jenny Craig veterans are willing to act as virtual buddies from just about anywhere. Start by looking in the Jenny Craig Community for a support buddy in your area.

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