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Create a Plan to Succeed in Weight Loss

Successful weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and planning. People who typically plan what they’ll eat and schedule their exercise activity are more likely to successfully lose weight.

Be Realistic

When you begin a weight loss program, you’re motivated and excited to see results. While this excitement is good, don’t let it tempt you to set unrealistic goals. Just as you didn’t gain your weight overnight, it’s not realistic to expect to lose it that quickly. To help ensure success, set small goals often but be sure to set the “right” ones.

Your plan should focus on the three important aspects of your weight loss journey:

● Eating Well -- practice a new dining strategy.

● Moving More -- increase the number of steps you walk.

● Living Life -- think differently; change from negative to positive self-talk.

Focus on the Benefits to Fuel Motivation

After creating a smart plan with reasonable goals, remember to think about why it’s important to you. Think of all the benefits that completing your plan will bring such as:

● More energy

● A better self-image

● A greater sense of control

● Improved health

● Happiness with appearance

● Closer relationships

Fuel your motivation. Write down the benefits you want to gain, and place the list somewhere you’ll see it like on your mirror or your refrigerator. Every time you read it, imagine how those benefits will make you feel. Visualizing the “new” you can urge you to make healthier choices throughout the day.