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Create a Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

For many of us, eating away from home is just a reality of our busy schedules. Your weekly meal plan can be adjusted to fit changes in your lifestyle such as work, school or travel. Not only can having a plan can help you stay on track with you weight loss goals and healthy eating habits, it can also save you money.

At home

● Make a large pot of soup over the weekend. Combine low-sodium broth and non-starchy vegetables, and cook a satisfying, low-cal soup to have on hand during the week if you get the munchies, or to help prevent them. When eaten before a meal, a broth-based soup can be a powerful tool in helping you feel full when following a reduced-calorie menu.¹ If you’re not into cooking, plan ahead next time and order a few Jenny Craig Soupitizers® Soups.

● Buy meat, poultry and fish on sale, and repackage it into individual portions to freeze for later use. Planning ahead can actually save you money.

● Another money saver is to buy chicken with the bones in and skin on. You can boil the chicken and discard the bones and skin yourself. Shred the chicken meat and use it in soups, stews, chilis or tacos during the week.

At work

● Plan the night before and have your meals and snacks packed and ready to grab on your way out the door. Reward yourself for making the effort to plan ahead by buying a new, fashionable lunch pack.

● Clean and cut veggies in advance for your salad and snacks.

● Make “overnight oatmeal”. Place uncooked oats, a few walnuts and a pinch of cinnamon in a jar and add just enough nonfat milk or water to cover. Then, put it in the refrigerator. In the morning at work all you will need to do is heat it up and top with fresh fruit for an energizing breakfast.

At school

● Brown-bag it. Packing a lunch from home can make for a healthy meal during your school day. Prepare your own sandwich on whole-grain bread and get your veggie servings by bringing a thermos of low-sodium tomato or vegetable soup.

● If the vending machine at school is your only option for lunch or a snack, make smart choices. Some healthier choices include:

○ Baked chips or pretzels

○ Protein or granola bar

○ Trail mix -- choose the one that is mostly nuts and fruit

○ Almonds or mixed nuts

○ Water, 100% fruit juice or diet soda

● Enjoy a small, nonfat latte as one of your milk servings at the late-night cafe or library when studying or catching up with friends.

On-the-go, vacation, traveling

● Pack a cooler full of satisfying and healthy snacks such as apples, grapes, carrot sticks, nonfat yogurt and Jenny’s Cuisine® snacks.

● On long road trips, stop every few hours for an exercise break to clear your mind and boost your metabolism. Plan a side trip to a state park for a quick hike.

● When the fast food drive-through is your only option in sight, choose kids size meals or ask for your burger protein-style (without a bun).

● Look for healthy foods at the convenient store. Scan the aisles for fresh fruit, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese, whole-grain sandwiches, low-sodium vegetable juice, unsweetened tea, and sparkling waters.

● At the airport, walk around the terminal while waiting for your flight. Wear a pedometer and set a goal of a minimum number of steps. Plan ahead to stay fit and pack resistance bands in your suitcase or look online to check if your hotel has a gym.

● Make time for a walking tour that your destination offers.

No matter where your busy schedule takes you, planning ahead can help you stay on track. Think of tomorrow or the week ahead, and take the time to prepare and plan with your weight loss goals in mind.

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