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Create a Healthier Food Environment

Do you grab breakfast on the run? Clean up after the kids by finishing what’s on their plates? Eat in front of the TV or computer? Distracted eating can lead to overeating.

Begin to break away from the habits of eating over the sink or snacking in front of the computer. When you eliminate distracting activities, you’ll also be more aware of how much you are eating. Create a designated place for enjoying food without distraction to enhance your awareness of what you are eating. Other helpful tips include:

● Avoid eating at your desk, over the sink or standing at the counter.

● Put your phone on mute at mealtime.

Minimize Temptations

Besides distracting activities, our environment can also encourage impulse eating. While you are learning to manage the temptation of seeing and smelling food, set up a more supportive environment:

● Serve individual plates, restaurant-style instead of family-style. Keep serving dishes in the kitchen.

● Move foods from the counter to the cupboard.

● Store foods in opaque containers to reduce visual temptation.

● Keep lower-calorie favorites, like vegetables and fruits front and center in the refrigerator.

By managing your environment, and making a few small changes in your kitchen, you can gain better control over your unconscious eating behavior and get closer to your weight loss goal.