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Coping with the Emotions of Weight Loss

By Staci Amend
October 1, 2014

The word yo-yo is often applied to the process of weight loss, particularly for so-called “serial dieters” or those who have experienced frequent weight fluctuations over the years. But the term can also apply to one’s emotions during the weight loss journey. Even though Jenny Craig weight loss programs are designed to help you lose weight slowly and consistently, then maintain your healthy habits AND your weight—the process can have its ups and downs. Here are a few tips for staying “sunny side up” during your journey.

When you’re discouraged—seek support.
No matter how closely you’re following your program, you’re bound to have “down” days. You might feel as if your goal is a long way off…frustrated that you can’t get into your skinny pants, or anxious that you won’t be able to beat your plateau. All of these emotions are normal. When you feel your good attitude flagging, reach out to the people who understand better than anyone: your Jenny Craig community. There are unique forums dedicated to specific cities and towns, age groups and lifestyles, how far along you are in your weight loss journey—and even one called “Hang In There” JUST for those who are struggling! No matter what you’re going through, you’ll find a safe and supportive environment populated by people whose advice can be invaluable in your time of need.

When you’re stressed—take some “you” time.
If food has historically been an emotional crutch for you (and who isn’t in this group?), conflict in the workplace or home can send you running for the nearest salty snack. When this happens to you, first remember this: strong food cravings are usually NOT hunger, and will pass within 15 minutes if you don’t indulge them. Have a glass of water and a serving of your favorite free food—or even take a walk around the block—to unlatch your mind from its food focus. If stress-related cravings are cropping up every day, that’s a good sign that you could use a bit of you-time! Set aside at least 30 minutes every day to do something that makes you feel relaxed…it’s a very healthy habit.

When you’re thrilled—share it!
There’s a reason Jenny Craig has been one of the world’s most respected weight loss programs for 30+ years: it really works. In fact, studies show that Jenny Craig clients lose up to 3x more weight than people dieting on their own!† So when you experience the wonderful feeling of watching the number on your scale get smaller and smaller, you may feel like you want the whole world to share it with you—and you should! Your success didn’t come from luck or genetics; it came from your hard work and healthy choices. Once your weight loss becomes really noticeable, you can look forward to getting compliments on a more regular basis; these are often reward enough! But for those days when you really want to celebrate your victories, pick a reward that’s not food related (like a spa day or a special purchase) and enjoy it with someone close to you. After all, you’ve earned it.

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