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Convenience Store Quandary

When stopping for gas you notice that you’re running short on time, and what’s more, you’re starving. A gas station convenience store might be one of the worst places to be when hunger hits, but it doesn’t have to result in a complete breakdown of your healthy eating routine. Use these tips to make a healthy, convenience store meal:

● Buy a ready-made salad, broth-based soup loaded with veggies, or low-sodium vegetable juice for your vegetable servings.

● Get your meat servings from hard-boiled egg whites, lean deli meat, low-fat cottage cheese or string cheese.

● Select your starch servings from a cereal cup, bread fromf a sandwich or a single serving of crackers. Pick whole-wheat or whole-grain options when available.

● Choose nonfat milk servings such as yogurt or skim milk.

● Find your fruit as fresh pieces like apples or oranges, or select fruit cups canned in extra light syrup or juice.

● Opt for water, sparkling water, unsweetened tea, coffee or other calorie-free beverages to quench your thirst.

Navigating through a convenience store can be difficult when following a weight loss program. Use these tips to find the healthiest on-the-go meal you can find, with limited resources. You can incorporate healthy habits into your busy lifestyle by knowing what convenient foods to buy and which to avoid.