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Controlling a Binge

What happens if you have the emotional urge to eat, you’ve tried waiting 10 minutes, taking deep breaths, going for a walk and you still have a craving that won’t go away? Remind yourself that you are in control. You can choose to eat, or stop and choose an alternative action at any point along the way. By breaking the experience down into a series of decisions, you can minimize the harm to your weight loss efforts.

Decide to choose

1. Decide whether to eat or not.
     How will I feel if I choose to eat? How will I feel if I don’t?
2. Decide what you will eat.
     Am I really hungry? What am I really hungry for?
3. Decide to serve yourself a moderate portion. Think of your portion of Jenny’s Cuisine®. Use a small plate. Put away the serving container or box.
4. Decide to eat slowly, using a utensil. Pay attention to and savor each bite.
5. Decide to leave the dining room or kitchen.
    I am satisfied, so I am finished eating.

Breaking the chain of binge behavior can be a real victory for an Emotional Eater. Keep track of the times you are able to do this by writing in your online journal so you can see the pattern of success you are creating in your weight loss journey!