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Congratulations on Making It to Your Goal!

You’ve hit your goal and are feeling pretty amazing! If you’ve made it this far, you know you’ve done something right. Celebrate today! You’re a changed person, inside and out. Take a photo of yourself—a symbol of all your healthy changes.

Whether your journey has been short or long, it isn’t over yet. Now it’s time to take everything you’ve learned, continue the momentum and keep the weight off. Maintenance isn’t an event, it’s a process. It’s when you apply all the new beliefs and behaviors you practiced during weight loss in a variety of new situations. Each new experience will build on the last. At maintenance, you make the transition from a structured program to one that is more flexible. You’ll encounter more people, places and events that can influence your choices.

With the continued support of your consultant, our online tools, community, healthy menus and the model of Jenny’s Cuisine® as your guide, you’ll continue to build on all you’ve learned about weight management success. Practice and enjoy your new-found energy, fitter body and healthy eating habits.

Record your feelings of before and after

You’ve made so many positive changes that it may be hard to remember your old lifestyle. When it comes to maintaining lifestyle change, it’s helpful to revisit the beginning of your program. Think back to when you started your weight loss journey. Maybe before you felt:

● Out of control

● Tired all the time

● Ashamed of your weight

● At odds with your cravings

● Intimidated by exercise

What’s different now? Today at maintenance, you may feel:

● Empowered

● Energized

● Proud of your progress

● At peace with food

● Rejuvenated by activity

Record your feelings of before and after in your journal. Whenever you’re tempted to let go of your healthy changes, revisit your goal weight journal entry and photo. Look at the new you and ask yourself: “Would I ever trade the feelings I have today for the ones I left behind?” The answer to that question can help fuel your maintenance motivation!

Stay focused

Keeping it off takes effort too. One of the simplest approaches is to self-monitor. Self-monitoring is a valuable tool to help you achieve weight loss maintenance success. Use it to help you get back on track or to prevent your weight from creeping up.

Continue to set goals

Successful weight maintainers continue goal setting. Having a goal in mind is one of the best strategies to maintain your efforts. Continue to weigh yourself daily or a few times a week. It’s a very direct way to hold yourself accountable.

Connect with your consultant

Don’t forget to check in with your consultant for your monthly maintenance consultation! He/she is still there for you to help keep you close to your goal and to even give you a little ‘nudge’ if your weight is starting to creep back up.

Think of your maintenance journey not as a light switch that is either on or off, but as a dimmer switch that gradually brightens as you fine tune your healthy behaviors. Reaching your goal was the result of taking responsibility for your healthy choices. If you choose, you can own those choices for life!