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Choosing the Right Rewards

How long have you been on the path to your weight loss goal -- two weeks, eight weeks, three months? Regardless of how long it’s been, everyday is an opportunity to acknowledge your efforts.

Change doesn’t always come easy but every week you can reach personal milestones. Making one simple choice at a time, you are developing a healthier relationship with food, a more active lifestyle and greater life balance. Be proud of yourself, and let each milestone inspire you to continue your weight loss journey.

Make Them Meaningful

Plan on doing something special when you achieve a goal. Stay on track by selecting non-food rewards, so you don’t compromise your efforts. Consider these tips for making the rewards meaningful:

● Try to make the reward correspond to the accomplishment. If you met your exercise goals for the week, buy yourself a pedometer or a new pair of fun workout socks.

● Reward your body with the TLC it deserves. Give yourself a luxurious pedicure after a long day on your feet, or indulge in a massage after a busy week.

● Celebrate your accomplishments with others. Spend the evening at a show or sporting event, or take the day to be a tourist with your best friend.

Create a Simple System

By setting up a rewards system for yourself, you’ll always have something to work towards; and your efforts will not seem aimless. Each week when you set small weekly goals, record how you’ll celebrate and reward yourself when you accomplish them. Here are some fun ideas:

● Buy yourself flowers

● Get out for a round of golf

● Go to a movie

● Buy something for your home

● Read a book or magazine

● Take a healthy cooking class

● Take a yoga class

● Spend time with a friend

● Go shopping

● Watch the sunset

● Get a spa treatment

● Go dancing

● Go swimming

● Listen to your favorite music

● Take the day off

Define more sizeable rewards for reaching larger milestones and the BIG ONE -- your weight loss goal.

Remember rewards give you a sense of achievement that can push you to work harder towards your goals.