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Celebrate Your Wins!

Change isn’t easy, and when you’re on a weight loss program, there’s going to be a lot of it. We don’t just mean pounds lost or calories consumed, but changes in lifestyle as well. So if you don’t see the scale tipping in your favor, don’t be discouraged. You might not have lost the weight you wanted, but you’re still changing for the better.

By just being on a weight loss program, you’ve taken the first steps toward a healthier you -- and that’s something to celebrate. So don’t get down on yourself! If you’re trying, you’ll make progress; and if you think positively, you may even get to your goal sooner. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated and honor your efforts.

Surround yourself with supporters

No matter where you are in your program, you can continue to be inspired by success--yours and that of others. There is strength in numbers! So fill your support network with people who support your goals and who have also made personal changes. You can even celebrate your wins together!

Make a plan to meet with at least one of your supporters weekly. Connect with some new partners in success by visiting the online Jenny community.

Treat yourself to a non-food reward

Did you eat all your veggies this week? Great! Treat yourself to a reward, whether it’s a new journal or jacket. Did you workout more this week than the last? Fantastic! Reward yourself with new gym clothes to stay motivated. Take the time to acknowledge your success and reward yourself for it. Food rewards may sabotage your weight loss efforts, so opt for rewards that complement your new healthy lifestyle.

Keep filling your “half-full” glass

Self-motivation is one of the biggest success factors in weight loss. At the end of every week, write down one positive change you’ve made. Doing this will help you measure your success and reinforce a positive attitude. Use My Journal if you like to track your progress online.

It is important to celebrate your weight loss efforts for a number of reasons. By acknowledging your “wins”, you are building a healthy attitude towards change, learning to think optimistically, and fueling your motivation to stay the course.