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Celebrate the Big Game, Jenny Craig-Style

By Ali Struhs

Whether your team made it to the big game or not, February’s favorite football game is all about the commercials, getting together with friends for a party, and, of course, the snacks. Aside from the lonely veggie platter, cheesy dips and salty chips, greasy pizza, and saucy wings could easily penalize your weight loss game plan. But even though you’re on a weight loss journey, you can still cheer on your favorite team during this annual football match-up. Here are some ways to celebrate the big game and snack ideas from the Jenny Craig cuisine menu you can bring along to your friend’s football party.

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Don’t fumble your weight loss
Instead of focusing on all of the enticing snacks at the party, turn your attention to the game and the commercials. Make Bingo cards that have common football plays, such as a touchdown by the AFC or NFC team, a fumble, or a safety, and favorite brand mascots you know will appear in the commercials to keep you and other guests in tune with the big game. If you’re hosting, put extra effort into decorating, or offer to help your friend decorate and clean up, instead of preparing and snacking on the food.

Touchdown celebration snacks
Make munching during the big game party fit your new healthy lifestyle. Since the only safe option at the party could potentially be the carrots and celery garnish with the chicken wings, bring your own diet-friendly snacks. The Jenny Craig menu has several options to choose from, so that you can chow down guilt-free. Here are five ideas:

Cheese Curls - Avoid the greasy, salty bowl of potato chips by reaching for your own bag of Jenny Craig’s Cheese Curls. One serving of these cheese curls contains just 130 calories.

Ranch Snaps - Unlike many typical regular snacks, these chips are low-fat, containing no saturated or trans fat. At just 120 calories, you’ll enjoy a classic ranch flavor and the perfect crunch till the very last bite- without any guilt!

Kettle Corn - If you’re craving something sweet and salty, reach for a bag of Kettle Corn. One package is 130 calories.

Stuffed Pizza Bites - If everyone else at the party is enjoying a slice or two of delivered pizza, heat up your own Stuffed Pizza Bites. You, too, can devour pizza. These bites are a blend of cheeses, seasoned beef and zesty tomato sauce baked in a soft crust. It’s only 240 calories and high in fiber and protein.

Turkey Burger - While other party-goers are gorging on burgers and hot dogs from the grill, try a Turkey Burger on a soft potato roll. Seasoned with onions and peppers, this burger contains 21 percent of your daily value of protein!

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