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Building Your Maintenance Menu

At Jenny Craig, maintenance begins with the first pound lost. With the support of your consultant, our online tools, mobile app, supportive community, healthy menus and the model of Jenny’s Cuisine® as your guide, you will continue to build on all you’ve learned about weight management success.

Success with Jenny’s Cuisine

How has Jenny Craig food helped you with weight loss? By now you’ve experienced what the research shows -- prepackaged foods like Jenny meals and snacks can control calories in a satisfying way and be a useful tool for weight loss success. This approach can be valuable in weight maintenance too.

To help keep your weight off, include one Jenny’s Cuisine entree and one snack per day. Doing this will help remind you of what your servings should look like and also help you control your calorie intake. Building your menu this way will set you up for success by offering portion control, convenience, and the luxury to dine out or prepare meals on your own. You can use Jenny’s Cuisine for different meals throughout the week. You may want to use it for the meal that you find to be the most challenging for portion control or for the meal you don’t have time to prepare.

Plan Online

Continuing to use the online planner to build your menu will keep you on the path for success. Take note of the food exchange tally at the bottom of the planner. Use the food exchange ‘daily serving ranges’ when planning your menu to help ensure you continue to eat a balanced, healthy diet. On some days you may be over or under by half a food group serving. That’s okay!

Your calorie level likely bumped up when you hit your goal, so now you get to eat a little more. Don’t feel like you have to make the switch right away. Ease into the change and gradually work your way up to this higher level.

Maintaining your weight loss involves continuing and building upon all the healthy habits you created during weight loss. Checking in with your consultant (at least once a month), building your meal plan online, and tracking what you eat and drink are just as important now as they were on day one (see Self-Monitor to Maintain Your Weight Loss).