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Build a Better “Why” for Maintenance

You made it! You’re at goal. You are a changed person now, inside and out. You are a symbol of all of your healthy choices. Whenever you are tempted to let go of your healthy habits, come back and look at the new you. It may be hard to remember your old lifestyle now. When it comes to maintaining your weight loss, it’s helpful to revisit the beginning. You’ll find that some reasons for losing weight or getting in shape are more powerful than others. Build a better “why”. Some of these reasons may be different now.

In the beginning- I wanted to look good for a special event like a family wedding.

Now- I want to have a healthy BMI and live longer. I want to be able to have the energy to play with my kids or grandkids.

In the beginning- I wanted to look slim like all of the actors and actresses in magazines and on TV.

Now- I want to be at a healthy weight that’s right for me, and I want to treat my body well because I deserve it.

In the beginning- I wanted to look great for my significant other.

Now- I want to be active and adventurous with my significant other and be a role model for my kids.

In the beginning- I wanted to have more energy.

Now- I want to be at a healthy weight so I can reduce my risk for certain diseases and possibly be able to take less medication.

Remind yourself of these wonderful changes, and use this as motivation for your weight loss maintenance.