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Beating the Challenges of Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Weight maintenance should be easy. You’ve done the hard work to lose the weight, and now it should be smooth sailing to keep it off. Right?.. Wrong! Unfortunately, maintaining lost weight is challenging for most people. However, with a little effort, you can do it.

One of the best approaches to take is to use what worked for weight loss. Think back to the challenges you had during your weight loss journey. Did stress eating get in your way? Did temptations at social events trip you up? You will mostly likely experience similar challenges during maintenance.

Losing weight and reaching your goal doesn’t “cure” you from your Eating Style(s) or Weight Loss Mindset(s). Sometimes your styles may change, but many people stay the same and can lessen in intensity. The styles lessen in intensity because you’ve learned information and strategies to deal with situations and challenges. Stay in tune with what healthy behaviors have come easily and which ones are trickier. Be aware of challenging situations, and continue to use strategies to support your weight maintenance goals. For example:

● Use pre-planning strategies if you overindulge at social events.

● Practice the STOP technique to stay connected to your priorities.

● Delay and distract when you find yourself struggling to resist a craving

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different. What works for others may be less effective for you. Staying aware of your choices and behaviors is key to catching yourself falling back into old habits. To help, continue to self-monitor your way to self-awareness and success.