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Balance a Healthy Lifestyle and Fun with Friends

By Ali Struhs
August 10, 2014

Along your weight loss journey, it can be hard to navigate social situations, especially when your friends and family don’t have the same goals you do. Happy hours, birthday parties and lazy afternoon activities, while tempting, can be counterproductive to your health and fitness goals. They may indulge in that extra piece of birthday cake, but should you? Here’s how to balance a healthy lifestyle and still have fun with your friends.

Check in with your Jenny Craig consultant
As a member of Jenny Craig, your weight loss consultant will help you navigate social situations in advance. Your consultant can help you stay accountable, give suggestions on what to eat while out with friends and encourage you to make smart choices to help you meet your goals and still have fun with friends.

Make easy food swaps
If you and your friends regularly go out for happy hour or meet for coffee, make easy food swaps to keep you on track. Choose an unsweetened iced tea over an iced mocha topped with whipped cream at the coffee shop. Instead of indulging in high calorie appetizers during happy hour, order a salad with the dressing on the side. Fill your plate with fruit and vegetables at the family BBQ, not your Aunt Mary’s cookies.

Change your activities
Instead of a lazy afternoon at the movie theater or sitting by the pool, suggest an activity that can help you fit in exercise for you and your friends. Take your dogs for a walk around the park, plan a day trip to the mountains for a hike, or schedule an evening bike ride around your neighborhood. Your friends will appreciate the change of pace and the chance to do something different with you.

Plan ahead
If you already know that you won’t be able to avoid that slice of birthday cake and scoop of ice cream, plan ahead to be able to splurge on that extra treat. Stay focused on exercising and eating right throughout the remainder of the day, so you can indulge at the birthday party. Just don’t go for seconds!

Seek support
Talk to your friends about your motivation to lose weight and your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They’ll be more likely to understand your new constraints and provide support for you along the way. A friend may even want to join you in her own weight loss journey!

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