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A New Weight Loss Outlook for the New Year

By Staci Amend
December 17, 2014

We’ve all heard a lot about the power of positive thinking—but when we’re under extreme stress, it can be easy to dismiss such ideas as “hippie talk.” But here’s a compelling reason to listen: researchers have been exploring this idea for decades, and studies suggest that simply having a sunny outlook can have a dramatic impact on our lives—potentially leading to increased life span, reduced depression, greater resistance to the common cold and lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, just to name a few benefits.

As you enter the “clean slate” of the new year, here are a few areas of your weight loss journey worth celebrating.

Fresh start
Nobody’s perfect, but everybody gets a “do-over” in January! No matter where you are in your weight loss program—whether you’re just getting started, you’ve already made some progress, or you have a bit of catching up to do—this is a natural time to hit the reset button. We’ve all made mistakes in the past; now’s the time to be looking forward and setting your sights on a successful year.

Reset goals
We’re all surrounded by talk of resolutions this time of year… why not join in? This is a great time to evaluate your big-picture wish-list for the coming year, and an excellent time to talk with your Jenny Craig consultant about your weight loss goals. Together, you can take the time to look back on your journey thus far to see what has worked and what hasn’t—then put together a plan for the new year.

Plan ahead
Once you’ve set fresh goals for the new year, the next step is creating an environment in which success can thrive. Start by going through your pantry and fridge to get rid of any holiday treats or other tempting items which may have snuck into your kitchen. Replace them with free foods and healthy snacks. This is also a good time to reboot your exercise program and set a realistic strategy for the coming year.

Little victories
By now, you’ve probably noticed that it’s easier to stay motivated when you can see the results. So whenever you have a little victory, whether it’s a 2-pound loss or the transition to a smaller dress size, by all means celebrate it! In fact, you might even want to set up a non-food “rewards system” in advance. That way you’ll not only know what you’re working towards…you’ll also have your eye on the prize.

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