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8 Ways Your Consultant Can Help You Win at Weight Loss

By Staci Amend

Spend a few minutes reading our Success Stories, and you’ll see a theme emerging: many Jenny Craig members love their consultants. Why? The answer, like each consultant-client relationship, is unique for every person. But every story has one key thing in common: SUPPORT. After all, this amazing by-your-side guidance is one of the key differences that sets Jenny Craig apart from other weight loss programs—and makes our members so successful. Here are eight unique roles your consultant can play in your weight loss journey.

1. Goal getter
First and foremost, your consultant is here to help you set—and reach—your weight loss goal. Realistic goal-setting is key to a positive outcome, so you’ll work closely together to determine where you are today, where you want to be… and how to get there!

2. Menu planner
Whether you have a lot or a little to lose, it’s important to blend balanced nutrition with the foods you love. Your consultant will take the time to get to know your food preferences, then help you create a menu that keeps you satisfied while you slim down.

3. Idea center
Want some tips on curbing cravings, maximizing your free foods or cooking for your family with our online recipe library? Your consultant is a wonderful source of weight loss tips and tricks. Bring a list of questions to your next appointment—we’re here to help!

4. Plateau buster
Weight loss stalled out a bit? Plateaus are an unfortunate (but very common) part of the weight loss process. Your consultant can help you decode potential causes, then create a customized plan to help you get back on track.

5. Mojo booster
Studies have shown that people lose up to 3x more weight with Jenny Craig versus dieting on their own.† Personal support is a big part of that “success gap.” Your consultant is by your side every step of the way—cheering your victories and bolstering your confidence in ways large and small.

6. Budget watcher
If you’re working within a specific budget, your consultant can be indispensable! Don’t hesitate to ask about simple ways to cut costs during your Jenny Craig weight loss journey— like paring back extras such as salad dressing or snacks.

7. Personal trainer
Your consultant may not work at a gym, but he or she knows a lot about how physical activity can enhance your results. If you find yourself on a plateau or are feeling bored with your current workout, make your next meeting a brainstorming session!

8. Maintenance master
Reaching your goal doesn’t mean goodbye! Whether you’re shifting to a pre-set maintenance menu or learning to cook healthy meals for yourself, your consultant can be instrumental in helping you maintain your amazing results.

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