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8 Healthy Gifts to Give This Season

By Ali Struhs
November 6, 2014

You began your weight loss program earlier this year, and with the help and support of your family and friends, you’ve made progress! Now that you’re committed to losing weight, you have probably inspired those around you to get healthy and fit, too. To help them along their road to weight loss, here are eight healthy gifts to give this season.

1. Gym membership
Often gyms will offer a special plan to add a family member to your gym membership. Maybe your significant other has been wanting to join you on some circuit training machines! You can also purchase a package of sessions with a personal trainer to get them focused on the right exercises to do to lose weight.

2. Fitness gadgets
There are several fitness gadgets on the market that encourage healthy weight loss. A pedometer or fitness wristband records steps, miles, or heart rate. Many even accompany smartphone apps to make tracking your progress easy.

3. Personalized yoga mat
For the yoga enthusiast, a personalized yoga mat can make them stand out from the rest of the class. Have their initials monogrammed on the mat, or choose a mat with a unique color or pattern that will liven up their experience in class.

4. Earbuds
Without properly fitting earbuds, running or working out with music can be a hassle. For the gift recipient who can’t work out without tunes in their ears, pick up some sporty earbuds that are made specifically to stay on the ears during exercise.

5. Workout DVDs
If you have a favorite workout DVD, share it with a friend who may be in an exercise slump, or pick up a variety of DVDs for them to try from yoga to dance. They may just find a new workout that motivates them to continue on their weight loss journey.

6. Reusable water bottle
To encourage a friend or family member to drink more water, purchase a reusable, BPA-free water bottle they can take with them to work or to the gym. Include some fun stickers from their favorite brands or bands to help them make their water bottle their own.

7. Fitness magazine subscription
Choose a fitness magazine that encourages whole body and mind health and offers sound nutritional tips. Many magazines also have digital subscriptions for those who prefer tablets.

8. Equipment for the home
You don’t have to purchase an expensive treadmill for a friend to exercise at home. A set of hand weights, a jump rope, a foam roller, and an exercise mat can turn a living room into an impromptu home gym for someone just getting started.

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