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7 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Mood

If you’re feeling like you woke up in a bad mood or your positive attitude has taken a backseat, we’re here to help you get back to your happy place. Take a look at these techniques and ideas that are sure to boost your spirits, regardless of what has you feeling down:

1. Remember that it’s only temporary

Rest assured, your lousy mood won’t last forever. Keeping this in mind can help you beat the blues. Look at the bright side and focus on the good things happening in your day.

2. Peel an orange or a lemon

The simple act of smelling citrus fruits (think oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits) may perk you up and lift your mood by awakening your senses. Peel an orange or a lemon. Take the time to notice the vibrant aromas. Enjoy the orange as a snack, and slice the lemon to add to your water. As an added bonus for a lingering effect, save the peels and simmer them in water (with no lid) on the stove for 15 minutes.

3. Get some sleep

Sometimes, a cranky mood can be attributed to feeling tired. Try taking a power nap or going to sleep early and you’ll likely wake up feeling refreshed and back to normal.

4. Seek physical contact

Just being in the presence of others is sometimes enough to cheer you right up. Next time you’re feeling down, call up a friend, family member or someone else you love and ask them to hang out with you. It will help you feel more relaxed and take the focus off whatever is bothering you.

5. Go outside and exercise

Fresh air and endorphins are a great combination for improving your mood. Nature has a calming effect on the human brain, and when combined with the stress-relieving act of exercising, you may be just 10 minutes away from feeling much better.

6. Listen to some tunes

Plug your headphones into your music player and listen to your favorite songs. If uncertainty or the need to make big life decisions are leaving you feeling bothered, the familiarity of the songs can help you feel at ease. As you listen, you may also be reminded of great memories from the past, which can also help lift your spirits.

7. Hang with your furry friend

Did you know that petting a cat or dog can help you feel happier? If you’re in a bad mood, try cuddling up with your pet or taking him/her to the park to play. The affection you feel can be just what you need to cheer up.