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6 Essential Tasks to Get You Program-ready

Getting ready for your weight loss journey could be the single most important step you take, after joining Jenny of course. Set yourself up for success by completing these simple tasks. Print this article and use the checkboxes to cross off the tasks as you complete them. Let this be your first of many accomplishments.

☐ Step on the scale, and record your starting weight.

● Weigh yourself (if your consultant hasn’t already done this for you), and enter this into your online profile to obtain your recommended weight loss calorie level.

● Weigh yourself daily to stay in tune with your choices to keep the scale moving down.

☐ See yourself shrink. Track your progress with body measurements.

● Taking your measurements with your consultant, or on your own, can be one of the most exciting ways that you can measure your success. Do this monthly. Seeing your inches melt away can be a great motivator!

☐ Ready, aim, smile! Take your 'before' picture.

● Don’t delay, take your starting picture today. (Don’t worry; you don’t have to show anyone.) Use it to keep motivated throughout your journey. Just think, when compared to your “after” picture, it will be a thrill to share!

☐ Dream HUGE. Create a vision board.

● Get crafty to stay focused and motivated. Put photos, meaningful words or pictures from magazines on a poster. Create a Pinterest account and visit Jenny’s page to get inspiration. Include anything that excits you; clothes, vacation spots, feelings, adventures, etc. When you see it, you can be it!

● If this isn’t for you, revisit the reasons you want to lose weight. Write them down, and put the list somewhere you’ll see often. Or, simply hang the skinny jeans you want to get into or other 'goal' clothing in front of the closet to look at every day.

☐ Out with the old! Clean out your fridge and pantry of risky foods.

● Take inventory of what’s lurking or tempting you on your shelves. What foods do you tend to overdo or turn to when you’re stressed, bored or sad? Purge them now (or donate the shelf-stable items to a local food shelter). Out of sight, out of mouth!

● If you’ve got time, take an extra step and wipe down and clean the shelves. This will really brighten up the space, making it move-in ready for healthy foods.

☐ In with the new! Shop for the grocery foods on your menu.

● Create a shopping list using your weekly menu. The online planner makes it easy by doing it for you. Just click it and print!

● Buy your fruits and veggies in bulk. Look for bags of small apples or oranges and frozen mixed veggies to get a week’s worth in one trip. Position these items at the front of your fridge for easy access.

● Stock up on Free Foods. They are a great way to add both flavor and satisfaction to your meal plan. Plus they can help keep hunger at bay and fend off cravings for high-calorie temptations.

Now that you are ready for your journey, remember to take it one day at a time. Plan and track your progress daily, weekly and monthly. Research has shown that those who use self-monitoring techniques consistently are more successful at maintaining weight loss. Take advantage of your consultant and the support, strategies and weight loss tools Jenny offers to help you reach your goal and live the healthy, active life you are meant to enjoy.