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6 Active Ways to Embrace Fall

By Staci Amend
October 8, 2014

Though summer gets a bit more publicity, in many ways fall is the perfect season for outdoor activities. It’s the best weather of the year, with a hint of summer’s warmth plus a delicious note of crispness in the air—not to mention the crunch of leaves under your feet! Here are six easy ways to take advantage of the season’s bounty (and get closer to your healthy weight loss goal) by boosting your activity level.

1. Get some color
If you live close to a place where the trees change color, lucky you! Stash some healthy snacks and a packable lunch like Jenny Craig’s Turkey Cranberry Salad Kit in a light backpack and hike to a pretty picnic spot amongst the fiery trees. If you don’t, consider traveling for a “leaf-peeping weekend” with one of the many walking and hiking tour companies. It’s a gorgeous way to make exercise the focus of your mini-vacation.

2. Bag & burn
Speaking of fall color, vigorous leaf raking gives you a great upper-body workout and burns calories, too—nearly 300 an hour for a 160lb person! That’s not bad for something that has to be done anyway. If you have kids, make them promise to help with the bagging before you let them pounce on those tempting piles.

3. Practice fitness
Have kids playing fall sports? You could bring a chair and shiver on the sidelines for those long practices—or you could suit up in your own workout gear and go for a brisk hour-long walk. Idea: to help maintain your motivation, download an activity-mapping app to plan your ideal route in advance.

4. Healthy pick
Many regions in North America are within a short drive of fruit orchards, and many of these offer daily apple-picking tours. It’s a healthy, relaxing way to spend a few hours—and if you have kids, it’s a great way to for them to learn where their food comes from. Even better: when you get home, transform your “fall haul” into one of our healthy recipes like our 30-Minute Oatmeal Apple Crisp.

5. Get classy
With the kids back in school, fall is a wonderful time to embark upon your own learning journey. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, like ballroom dancing or barre? Take one exploratory class to make sure you enjoy the activity, then sign up for a regular series of classes.

6. Step outdoors
Instead of hitting your gym’s stair-climbing machine, why not use the real thing? With fall football season under way, your local high school or college’s stadium should be wide open during practices. Grab a friend set a weekly “step date,” and set ascending goals to achieve with every workout to keep yourselves on track.

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