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Scare-free Tips for a Healthier Halloween

by Ali Struhs
October 2016

Between the aisles stocked full of candy at the grocery store and trick-or-treating with the kids on Halloween night, Halloween can be a scary time to stay on track with your weight loss program. Chocolate bar cravings, caramel apples, and costume parties with hosts offering high-calorie treats can send anyone’s weight loss goals to the grave! You can find ways to have a sweet and spooktacular, but healthy Halloween. Here are five scare-free tips:

Buy your least favorite candy
Wait until the very last minute to buy candy and then purchase the candy you don’t love. Whether it’s the fruit-flavored gummies you can’t stand to have stuck in your teeth or the candy bar with coconut, your candy choice will keep you from overindulging.

Weigh the pros
You can weigh your pumpkin that you picked for carving, walk around with it, and think about just how heavy it feels. You may actually be holding the amount of weight you could lose in a month! Then, write down the pros of sticking to your Jenny Craig plan versus the pros of indulging in the Halloween candy stash.

Make the treats disappear
If your kids insist you buy the 100 piece bag of candy bars, stash it away until Halloween night. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Keep it in the back of the pantry, your closet, in a cupboard above the refrigerator, or somewhere it can’t be seen. After Halloween night, make the remaining candy disappear by donating it to a shelter or blood bank.

Seek healthy recipes
The autumn season and Halloween may bewitch you to bake sweet treats, like frosted sugar cookie pumpkins and bats, but avoid traditional high-calorie treats and look for recipes that are lighter and utilize fall-harvested fruits and vegetables. Apples, pumpkins, and squash recipes are abundant and can be a healthier autumn alternative. Jenny Craig members, log in to view our special Halloween recipe guide.

Buy better "trick or treats"
Don’t want to be tempted by bags and bags of chocolate and candy that were on sale at the store? Aim to purchase better treats for both you and costumed kids. Buy decorative pencils in bulk, mini boxes of raisins, or sheets of stickers to hand out, so you won’t feel the urge to snack on candy during the Halloween season.

Eat healthy before parties
With bowls of candy, chips, and other treats strewn across the table at your friend’s Halloween party, it can be hard to trick yourself into saying no. So you can avoid excessive munching at the party, eat a healthy snack at home before attending. A healthy bowl of soup and a handful of nuts or vegetables before putting on your costume will help keep you from raiding the treat table at the party.

Splurge on just one day
If you have been committed all of October to your weight loss goals, treat Halloween as your splurge day. Allow yourself to have a holiday where you can enjoy the tricks and treats with your kids. Dress up, have fun, eat a few pieces of candy after walking the neighborhood with the kids, and remember that when tomorrow arrives, you’ll be back on track with your plan to live a healthier lifestyle.

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