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Improve Your Health in 5 Minutes or Less This Fall

By Ali Struhs
November 2016

Getting healthy during the summer months is easy. After all, there are longer days, free time to spend outdoors swimming and hiking with your family, and fresh vegetables from the garden for dinner salads. But when fall arrives, so do busy schedules, holiday baked goods, and the chance to drop healthy habits. Don’t overlook fall with its perfectly crisp weather and farmer’s market produce! Here are 5 ways to balance your schedule and improve your health in 5 minutes or less this fall.

Join Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig members lose three times more weight than dieting on their own! If you’re not already a member, join Jenny Craig now. It’s a quick and easy way to improve your health this fall! Signing up takes just 5 minutes at Jenny Craig does all of the planning for you, so it takes the guesswork out of dieting. You’ll also be paired with a consultant that will be there to answer questions, set up a menu of Jenny Craig food, and support you throughout your weight loss journey. The Jenny Craig program has an expansive menu of meals that are quick and easy to prepare for those hectic fall days spent running from work to soccer practice.

Prep dinner in 5 minutes flat
If making dinner is a daunting task that just doesn’t fit in your autumn schedule, let your slow cooker make dinner for you. Take just a few minutes in the morning to throw in some seasonal vegetables and low-sodium broth for a warm fall soup, or place well-washed sweet potatoes in the slow cooker for 6-7 hours for a nutritious side.

Wash, cut and chop produce on Sunday
Take a few minutes on Sunday evening to wash and prep your fruits and vegetables so you can grab and go all week. Autumn fruits, like ripe pears and apples and a medley of berries, can be washed and stored in the refrigerator for easy snacking or topping on breakfast cereal. Wash and cut garden squash, zucchini, and carrots to oven roast and serve as a side at lunch or dinner. Be sure to store washed and cut vegetables in air-tight containers or zippered bags so they stay fresh during the week.

Reach for an apple
When you think of fall, juicy, crisp apples probably come to mind. Either visit an apple orchard or the farmer’s market with your family on the weekend and grab enough apples for snacking during the week. It takes just seconds to make the decision to reach for a crisp apple rather than a sugary, vending machine snack, especially if you already washed the apples on Sunday night. Apples really do keep the doctor away; they’re loaded with Vitamin C and can lower your risk for diabetes and cancer. Not a fan of apples? It’s the beginning of pear season, too.

Squeeze in exercise
Fall means there is less daylight and less time to go for a run before or after work, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo working out! Five minutes here and there of exercise can add up quickly, so squeeze in working out throughout your day. Do morning stretches while you’re brushing your teeth, have a mini dance party in the living room with your kids, or fit in a few reps of squats while you wait for your Jenny Craig entree to heat up in the microwave.

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