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5 Ways to Be Healthier this Week

By Sabah Karimi
May 13, 2015

When you've committed to living a healthier lifestyle, making drastic changes to your daily routine won't help you much in the short or long-term. You need to adopt a set of new habits each week, replacing bad ones with good ones - and can't do everything at once. Picking out one or two new habits or changes to your routine for a given week (and focusing only on those) can help you make more progress. Over time, you can just keep building on your success from the previous week.

Here are five ways you can be healthier this week:

1. Scale back on caffeine
Are you completely caffeine-dependent? Scale back by a few cups of coffee or cans of diet soda this week so you have a better idea of what your energy level is during the day. Make sure you're not substituting caffeine for something healthier, like fresh fruit, which should be supplying you with the energy you need to get through the day.

2. Eat in more often
Spare yourself from some serious sabotage by sticking to your Jenny Craig menu for all 21 meals this week. Make eating out an event for special occasions so you can create a healthy meal plan and stick with it. Talk to your consultant if you need more help keeping your healthy eating plans on track.

3. Drink more water
You've heard this mantra time and time again, but how much water are you actually drinking each day? Carry a water bottle with you and plan on drinking at least 10 cups of water each and every day this week. Remember that you'll need more than 10 cups if you work out regularly.

4. Get more sleep
If you're not getting enough quality sleep each night, you could be experiencing fatigue, high stress levels, and even some skin problems the following day. Don't skimp on sleep this week so you can stay refreshed and energized all day long. Get into the habit of going to sleep at the same time each night and make sure your bedroom is set up to ensure a good night's rest -- that means lights out and phones off!

5. Add a salad to your daily menu
Plan on eating a small salad chock full of colorful vegetables with either lunch or dinner. Eating more leafy greens and fresh veggies will give your body a healthy boost of nutrients and also add some much-needed fiber to your diet. Check here for salad ideas from Jenny Craig!

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