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5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence for your Class Reunion

By Staci Amend
May 6, 2015

Is there any event more highly anticipated than one’s class reunion? Whether it’s your 10th or 30th coming up this summer—and whether you were ultra-cool or not-so-cool back in the day—this gathering is likely to bring up some emotions as you count down to the big day. Here are a few tips to help you keep things in perspective, so you can manage stress levels and thoroughly enjoy your trip down memory lane.

1. Talk it out
Class reunions are one of the many reasons people join Jenny Craig, so our consultants have lots of experience helping people slim down for this major life event. Let your consultant know when your event is scheduled to take place, and you can work together to create jump-start menus and perhaps even set a series of “mini-milestones” to keep you motivated in the months leading up to your special night.

2. Stay the course
Whether or not your reunion is the main reason you started your weight loss journey, having something to work towards can be a great motivator. On those days when you might be feeling discouraged, think about all the progress you’ve made since you took your first steps with Jenny Craig! Sometimes it helps to look at your “before” picture, or even to put on a pair of jeans that are now too big.

3. Grab a friend
If you’re married, it can definitely be fun to show off your spouse at your reunion. But before you buy your partner a ticket, consider this: wouldn’t the night be more enjoyable with a close friend who actually knows these people—and who knew YOU, way back when? Our advice is to find your most easygoing, all-accepting, up-for-anything school chum and make sure they’re at your side the entire night.

4. Make a list
Chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much people have grown up. But if you’re worried about those “one-uppers” who will spend all evening listing their accomplishments in order to make themselves feel important, why not get a jump-start? Start by writing down everything in your life for which you’re grateful. Just seeing it there on paper can give you a boost of quiet confidence going in—and also give you some perspective as to what’s really important. You may not even need to utter a peep.

5. Doll up
If you’ve EVER had a reason to go shopping and get a mini-makeover, this is it! Grab your most honest girlfriend and plan to spend the day paying tribute to your new body. We suggest starting with a professional bra fitting, and then bringing your brand-new shapewear along to your try-ons. If you’re not particularly fashion-minded, don’t be afraid to ask the sales staff for help. And by all means, take advantage of the department store cosmetic counter makeup stores! Just be sure to tell the artist your regular routine, so she can give you a better version of you.

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