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5 Reasons to Stay Committed to Your Weight Loss Program

By Staci Amend
January 13, 2014

For most people, the weight loss journey isn’t a straight line. On some days, it’s easy-peasy; on others, you may feel like giving up. If you’re reading this on one of your “down” days, take heart. Even if you’re not feelin’ the love right this minute, studies show that Jenny Craig members lose up to 3x more weight† than people dieting on their own. Here are a few other reasons sticking with it is always the best choice.

1. It’s natural to feel unmotivated
You’re not expected to be your own cheerleader every single day—and what you’re feeling is completely natural. Think of it as a craving; it’s not real hunger, and it should pass within 10–15 minutes. If your loss of motivation does persist, though, by all means… seek help! Before you make any decisions about giving up, talk to your consultant or your weight loss buddy, or seek support in our amazing forums. Chances are, there’s somebody out there feeling exactly like you do. Remember, you’re NEVER in this alone.

2. Weight loss is hard work.
Yes, Jenny Craig is designed to take much of the guesswork out of losing weight—but if the process was EASY, we wouldn’t have been doing what we do for 30+ years! So when you’re feeling worn out by your weight loss journey, take a moment to acknowledge your amazing commitment thus far. Your willpower is such an accomplishment, and we’re sure you don’t want to throw all that away.

3. Sticking with it is good for you.
Think back to your very first Jenny Craig “moment”—the minute you realized it was time to get serious about losing weight. Compare how you felt then, both physically and emotionally, to how you feel now. Are your clothes the same size… or smaller? Is your confidence the same size… or bigger? Do you leave the gym feeling exhausted, or energized? Now ask yourself if these are things you want to give up.

4. It’s smarter to stay committed.
Your weight loss journey may not be a straight line, but there is still only one way to your goal—and that’s to stick with it. If you’re feeling frustrated with where you are right now, think how much closer you are to your goal already… and how much farther away you’ll be if you end up having to backtrack.

5. The results are there.
Whether you’ve been with Jenny Craig for three months or three years, you’ve experienced some measure of success—possibly even a dramatic victory or two, like shedding a dress size or reaching a major weight milestone. Think back to how you felt in that moment. Pretty amazing, right? Whatever minor discouragement you’re feeling now, remember that it’s temporary… and your victories are yours forever.

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