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5 Reasons to Start a Weight Loss Program Over the Holidays

By Staci Amend
November 6, 2014

Of all the times to start a weight loss program, the holidays may at first seem like the least likely. After all, it’s easy to make excuses for overindulging this time of year—there are parties every weekend, naughty-list foods are everywhere, and absolutely everybody seems to be splurging! But bear with us for a few minutes, and allow your friends here at Jenny Craig to make a case for a healthier holiday. Here are five compelling reasons the holidays are actually a GREAT time to embark upon your Jenny Craig journey:

1. Why put off looking and feeling great?
Here’s an age-old question to ponder. What will feel better in the long term: having that slice of pecan pie, or fitting back into your favorite jeans? The “I’ll think about losing weight AFTER the holidays” excuse is really just another version of “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” Procrastination can be a very slippery slope, and every day you put off making a real investment in yourself is just another day you’re not looking and feeling your best.

2. Jenny Craig is with you every step of the way.
When you choose Jenny Craig as your weight loss partner, you’re NEVER on your own. You’ll have a personal consultant to lean on, confide in and rely upon for all kinds of smart “holiday eating hacks” you’ve probably never thought of. You’ll have the structure of pre-planned weekly menus to ease you into making healthier choices. And of course, our delicious Jenny Craig entrees, desserts, snacks and extras will ensure that you stay satisfied while you slim down.

3. You’ll be the life of the party.
Being the “life of the party” doesn’t have to mean you’re the person telling the best jokes or having the most to drink. Starting a weight loss program NOW might mean you’re the center of attention for a different reason entirely: because you look simply fabulous. Our clients lose, on average, 1–2 pounds per week—even if you’re not down a whole dress size in time for your next party, you’re likely to be looking and feeling like a new person. Try THAT feeling on for size!

4. You won’t really be missing out.
Here’s one of the things that makes Jenny Craig so great—we’ve worked SO hard to create healthy, amazing-tasting versions of many of your favorite foods. So if you’re worried about being able to manage your portions of holiday favorites, don’t! We have your back. Instead of a heaping holiday dinner, savor our Roasted Turkey Medallions. Swap our Pumpkin Spice Cakes for pumpkin pie. And when everyone’s loading up on fatty French toast, you’ll have your own guilt-free version: our Cinnamon Swirl French Toast.

5. You’ll have a head start on your resolutions.
There’s no law that says you have to wait until New Year’s Day to make a fresh start. Begin your Jenny Craig journey NOW, and you’ll already be in a groove when January first rolls around. With all those holiday temptations under the bridge, staying on track will be a piece of cake—Jenny’s Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, that is.

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