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5 Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog

By Ali Struhs
August 21, 2014

With the sun shining, getting outside with your dog can be a fun way to fit in some exercise and some bonding time for both you and your loyal companion. Your furry friend just happens to be a perfect and motivating workout buddy! Whether you choose to head to the park, the swimming pool, or a trail in the mountains, here are five outdoor activities for you and your dog.

1. Hiking
Need to get out of the city for the day? Take your pooch to a dog-friendly hiking trail in the mountains and explore new sights and smells. Pack a light picnic and plenty of water for the both of you. You’ll both benefit from the hike, fresh air and sunshine.

2. Swimming
Fido could use some relief from the heat, too! Enjoy an afternoon swimming with your dog. This low-impact exercise is perfect for cooling off on a blistering summer day. Playing fetch in a lake or swimming laps with Fido is a fun way to burn calories.

3. Agility dog course
If there is an outdoor agility course at your local dog park, take advantage of the jumps, ramps and tunnels to work as a team with your puppy. Run alongside and try to keep up with your furry friend while he weaves in and out of poles and trots up and down the ramps. Not only is this activity great for bonding and increasing your pet’s smarts, but you’ll also get great exercise and burn calories as you train your puppy on the course.

4. Jogging
Are you in need of a jogging partner? Look no further than your furry workout buddy. On a cool morning, go for a jog with your dog in the park. Start slow with just brisk walking until both you and your pup are comfortable going longer distances around the park. Your furry friend will come to expect a daily jog and will motivate you to lace up your running shoes each morning.

5. Playing in the park
A good ol’ fashioned game of fetch is great exercise for your dog, but it can burn calories for you, too! Run to a different spot each time you toss the ball, or invent new games to play with your pup. Scamper through a field, play with a soccer ball, or jump around together.

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