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5 Easy Rules for Dressing Your Changing Body

By Staci Amend
February 12, 2015

You’ve been working hard to exercise and eat right—and it shows! Now that the pounds are starting to come off with Jenny Craig, you’ve probably noticed that your clothes are fitting differently… or not at all. On one hand, it’s such an exciting time. You’re looking and feeling great! But on the other, you might be just one-third or halfway to your goal. You expect to keep losing, so you don’t want to invest in a whole new wardrobe (yet). Here are five easy-to-follow rules to help you get out of those baggies without breaking the bank.

1. Work with what you’ve got
Start by taking a long, hard look at the clothing in that’s in your closet now. Weed out anything that’s too big, or oversized in a way that’s no longer fashionable—these, you can donate! Now select anything that’s more than a full size too small, and stash these in a spare bedroom for the future. The items that are left are your foundation, so lay them out on your bed to determine which new pieces will help you complete various outfits.

2. Stretch is your friend
When you’re building a transitional wardrobe, you’re dressing both for the body you have now, as well as the body you’ll have in a few months. Knit fabrics with some stretch to them will be forgiving to your figure today AND shrink with you a bit as you continue to slim down. Look for styles that are not excessively clingy, which have figure-flattering details like draping or ruching—this will help the fabric skim over any problem areas.

3. Let’s be reasonable
You already know you’ll likely have to go shopping again in a few months—so now is not the time to look for investment pieces or designer brands. Stick with reasonably-priced mall retailers or boutiques, and look for basic pieces that work as part of more than one outfit. You may also need to adjust your mindset with regard to where you can shop. If you’re dramatically smaller, you may have “shrunk out” of a larger size. Yay you!

4. Find some structure
If you were self-conscious about your weight in the past, you may have relied on loose-fitting clothes or oversized styles to hide it. Well, those days are in the past—it’s time to show off your new figure! To complement your stretchy knit basics, look for a handful of structured pieces that will highlight your assets. This might mean a tailored blazer, or an A-line skirt with a nipped-in waist. You may be surprised at how many styles flatter you now.

5. New-to-you is A-okay
You’re already making a trip to your local second-hand store to drop off all that stuff you’re never going to wear again—you never know what you’ll find! Your transitional wardrobe isn’t forever, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun and fashionable!

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