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5 Apps That can Make Your Day Less Hectic

By Staci Amend
November 6, 2014

By choosing Jenny Craig as your weight loss program, you’ve already made eating healthy and shedding extra pounds as simple as possible. But can the complicated demands of modern family life be further streamlined by a smartphone app? In the right situation, YES! Here are five of our favorite technological time-savers—and how they can help you keep it all together.

1. Family calendar app
Struggling to manage the entire family’s schedule? It’s time to give one of the many free family calendar apps a test-drive. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you, your spouse and your kids are always on the same page—literally! Most of these apps enable you to track activities, share grocery lists and manage to-do lists for multiple family members, all from one place. Just be sure you choose one that offers real-time updates, so that you don’t send hubby to the store with an old list.

2. The Jenny Craig app
No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, the free Jenny Craig mobile app will help monitor your progress and support your success every step of the way. Use it to get detailed information about Jenny Craig foods, track your daily menus and food consumption, monitor your caloric intake and activity levels, record your weight and measurements, and more! It’s all there at your fingertips—so it’s easier than ever to celebrate each little milestone.

3. Step-counting app
With so many daily duties on your to-do list, it can be hard to find time to exercise. Wouldn’t it be great if running errands actually burned calories? As it turns out, sometimes it does! Download a free step-counting app to find out how many steps you’re taking every day, and how many you should be taking as part of a healthy lifestyle. Most will help you set goals and give you suggestions for how to reach them.

4. Recipe app
Here’s another typical grocery store scenario: you’ve made your regular weekly list, but you forgot that you’re making a new recipe tomorrow night for dinner guests. You’ve got the recipe saved on your home computer—but how to tell it from the 500 Moroccan chicken recipes while you’re here in the store? Answer: get yourself a recipe app, and you’ll have all the key information stored on your phone as well! TIP: make sure you choose one that allows you to aggregate content from multiple websites, so you’re not limited to one provider’s cooking ideas.

5. Couponing app
We’ve all been there: you’re at the store, and you KNOW you’ve seen a coupon for the item you’re about to buy…but where was it, and why isn’t it in your wallet? Thanks to a crop of new couponing apps, you don’t need to dash back home to cash in your savings. Whether you need to track down current coupons from major shops or use your phone’s geo-location technology to find the best deals near you at any given moment, most of these apps can score you some instant savings—of both time and money.

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