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4 Ways to Stick With Your Fall Fitness Plan

By Sabah Karimi
September 28, 2015

If you've committed to a new workout program for fall, or just want to revamp your existing workout routine, make sure you really are setting yourself up for success. Setting specific goals and giving yourself a deadline can help you stay on track. There are also some other effective ways to increase your chances of success in this area. You might need to modify your weekly routine and make room for exercise, but your efforts will pay off in both the short-term and in the long-term.

Here are four ways to stick with your fall fitness plan:

1. Enlist a buddy
Working out with a friend or in a group setting, like Curves, can really help to keep your motivation levels up through the weeks ahead. Setting goals with a workout buddy might prompt you to stay on track and you can encourage each other to meet each other’s goals.

2. Take it outdoors
Fall is the perfect excuse to get outside for your workout. Don't limit yourself to indoor fitness classes and the machines at the gym. Sign up for a 5K in your area or just plan on hitting the trails for a morning run or jog. Think of ways to workout outdoors so you can get fresh air before the weather cools down too much! The gorgeous fall weather and scenery is just a bonus!

3. Be very specific about what you want to achieve
Don't just keep telling yourself that you "want to get toned." Be very specific. Tell yourself: "I will do at least circuit training sessions every week for the next four weeks." Be as specific as possible and then organize your schedule or change your habits so you can meet your goal.

4. Try at least one new workout each month
Whether it's a Curves class, kickboxing, or hula-hooping, challenge your body (and mind) with a fresh new routine. This will keep you out of a rut and you might even end up finding something you really like. You can always increase sessions of those classes at a later date.

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