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4 Tips for Your Healthiest Holiday Season Ever

By Staci Amend

Sure, the holidays mean precious time spent with family and friends and reflecting on the past year, but they are also synonymous with pushing ourselves to complete exhaustion. Working late to make up for vacation time, a seemingly endless to-do list, hectic family travel and more—we end up putting ourselves at risk for succumbing to cold and flu bugs, stress, and even holiday weight gain. Keep these four tips in mind for your healthiest holiday season ever… and keep yourself well into the New Year!

Keep germs away.
If there’s ever a time to be meticulous about taking care of yourself, it’s now. Preventing the spread of germs isn’t rocket science, but it does require taking steps you might be tempted to skip during the rest of the year. Hand washing can be more effective than hand sanitizer for germ management, so be sure you’re using actual soap and water throughout the day. Gloves and scarves are also exceptionally efficient germ-carriers, so be sure to wash or dry clean these every few weeks—and immediately if you’ve been sick! And, if you aren’t already taking a multi-vitamin or C supplement, now’s a great time to start.

Get moving.
Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and keeping holiday weight gain at baby. Also, it can also help boost your energy levels, so even though you might feel tired and overtasked, it’s important to set aside 30 minutes per day, at least five days a week, to get your body moving. If you work outside the home and are having trouble getting to the gym, try taking a break (or even two!) during the day to get outside for a brisk walk. Once you get used to it, this might just become your favorite part of the day.

Reserve time for yourself.
You’ve heard this before, right? And we know it’s difficult this time of year. But trust us on this one: the fastest route to a healthy, happy holiday season is taking care of YOU. And that means setting aside time every single day to do something that makes you feel happy and relaxed… a warm bubble bath, a few hours of window shopping, tea with a good friend… it’s up to you. And, while you’re at it, spend a few moments acknowledging the effort you’ve put into your weight loss journey thus far. Sometimes looking back at what you’ve already accomplished is the best way to get excited about the good stuff to come!

Lean on your friends at Jenny Craig.
This time of year is filled with tasty temptations to distract you from your weight loss mission. Lucky for you, your friends at Jenny Craig have got your back! If you’re worried about straying during holiday parties and other food-centric events, ask your consultant to help you formulate a personalized coping strategy that works with your specific triggers and cravings. Check out our smart substitutions for some of the most common favorite holiday foods. And stock up on guilt-free treats like our Chocolate Walnut Brownie…having a healthier option at hand will make it easier to pass on the foods that will sabotage all your hard work.

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