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4 Smart Subs for Holiday Favorites

Tradition: it’s part of what makes any holiday special. Yet during the winter holiday season, many highly anticipated traditions involve rich, splurgy foods that can derail our weight loss efforts. Well, take heart. You didn’t win all those little battles only to lose the war over a slice of pumpkin pie! Particularly at this time of year, Jenny’s got your back—with four guilt-free substitutes for your favorite holiday dishes.

Holiday Fave: Pumpkin Pie
Smart Sub: Jenny’s Classic Pumpkin Pie

Nothing says “holiday” like pumpkin pie. And since Jenny’s about creating healthy habits, we set out to create a version that everyone can feel good about. Our great-tasting Classic Pumpkin Pie is made with wholesome ingredients like real pumpkin and evaporated milk, yet still manages to shave 100 calories and four grams of fat off the typical boxed brand. One serving weighs in at just 254 calories. EXTRA TIP: Swap out the whipped cream topping for sugar free whipped topping.


Holiday Fave: Sweet Potato Casserole
Smart Sub: Staci’s Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Yes, you’re going to have to skip the marshmallows on this one. But once you’ve tried this smart sub, you may find yourself making it throughout the season—it’s wholesome, easy and filling. You can savor the flavor by adding a few spices and roasting the potatoes. Roasting brings out the veggie’s natural sweetness, so this dish is perfect with no added sugar. This clever recipe uses only 4 ingredients and saves you over 250 calories and 10 grams of fat!


Holiday Fave: Green Bean Casserole
Smart Sub: Jenny’s Lemon Dijon Green Beans Almandine

Sure, the original is delicious. But do you really want to “spend” your holiday calorie allotment on green beans, when there are so many other choices? Instead of the standard creamy casserole, try this super-flavorful Jenny recipe. The lemon and mustard are a wonderful complement to other holiday dishes—and compared to prepared versions you might find in a restaurant or at the supermarket, ours has less than half the calories and fat.


Holiday Fave: Apple Pie
Smart Sub: Jenny’s Sautéed Apple Rings

This one’s ultra-easy and REALLY good for you, too! With just four natural ingredients—apples, butter, cinnamon and a bit of sugar—it takes just 15 minutes to prepare and totally satisfies the apple-pie craving. Since there’s no crust, it’s low-fat, low-calorie and lower in carbs. If you’re dying for the à la mode treatment, add a scoop of low-fat vanilla ice cream and you’ll still be under 200 calories!