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3 Weight Management Tricks from Jenny Craig

By Staci Amend
September 10, 2014

Whether the “active loss” portion of your Jenny Craig journey lasts six months or three years, maintaining your healthy lifestyle is an ongoing proposition. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, you owe it to yourself to keep up the good work by continuing to foster better eating habits, exercising on a regular basis and surrounding yourself with supportive people. Here are three consultant-approved tricks to help you set a course for continued success.

1. Let us be your guide
Yes, Jenny Craig DOES take the guesswork out of weight loss with delicious, nutritionally balanced, perfectly portioned meals. But can you stay the course, once you start to cook for yourself again? Absolutely! Use our entrees as a guideline for portions, calories, fat and fiber, and you’ll be off to a great start. Keep eating lots of free foods to keep you full without consuming a lot of calories, and continue to drink half your body weight in ounces of water, every day. Explore our online recipe library. And if you ever feel yourself slipping a bit, give yourself a week or two to get back on track with Jenny Craig maintenance menus.

2. Seek support
Chances are, most of the people close to you already know you’ve been following the Jenny Craig weight loss program—and hopefully, they have been supportive throughout your journey. But once you reach your goal weight, and potentially open yourself up to new temptations, seek support! Start a daily walking group with some friends from the office or the neighborhood. Get your family involved by setting healthy menus for the week ahead; they’ll love being involved in the planning and shopping, and feel great about supporting you. And if you’re headed out for dinner with friends, ask them to support your smart dining choices…even if they’re ordering fries.

3. Remove your temptations
It’s okay to be tempted, and even to indulge every now and then! But when you’re living within the structure of your Jenny Craig weight loss program, it’s definitely easier to make smart choices. So once you’re in maintenance mode, if you know that cookies are your kryptonite, don’t buy them for the kids! They’ll be just as happy with another treat that doesn’t send you sneaking to the pantry. Keep your home stocked with healthy options, including fresh fruits and veggies and healthy dips.

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