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10 Active Date Ideas

When you’re on a journey to better health, you might have to re-think your idea of a typical date. Dinner and drinks can be a treat every once in a while, but why not switch things up and get active with your partner? Whether you’ve been married for 20 years or are headed out on a first date, here are 10 active date ideas to get you started.

1. Participate in a 5K.

Choose a 5K that benefits a cause you both support and commit to walking, jogging or running it together. You can even turn this into a series of training “dates” that lead up to the main event. Bonus: walking gives you ample time to chat with each other.

2. Hit the golf course.

You don’t need to suffer through 18 holes of golf to reap the benefits of this game. Whether you battle it out at the putt putt course or just hit balls at the driving range, you’ll get a little core and back workout with this date night activity.

3. Go thrifting.

From flea markets to garage sales, you can spend a whole afternoon walking around and looking at vintage treasures. Longtime couples will enjoy the hunt for old quality tools, retro furniture and interesting jewelry. Wear comfortable shoes!

4. Join a team.

Municipal teams are abundant in summertime. A couples tennis league, a kickball team or even a softball team will give you and your partner an excuse to spend quality, active time together each week. Cheering each other on will boost your morale and encourage you to step up your game!

5. Go to a bike-in movie.

Many larger cities are offering this new twist on the classic drive-in movie. Ride your bikes to and from the film; don’t forget to bring a healthy picnic (and your helmets). You could also ride your bike to a free summer concert or other park festival.

6. Try a water sport.

If you have access to a lake or ocean, why not try a non-motorized water sport? Kayaking, paddle boating and even just swimming are calorie-burning activities that are best done with a partner! Rowing across a scenic lake in a canoe is both romantic and fun.

7. Go for a hike.

Whether you live on a coast, near a mountain or even on the plains, there are more than 1,200 recreational trails in the United States, so pick one and get out for fresh air and scenic views.

8. Do a city scavenger hunt.

These fun events are popping up all over the place. Teams of two compete against each other to race around a city looking for the next clue or challenge. This would be a fun first date activity so you can really get to know each other.

9. Scout out new neighborhoods.

This is a practical date for newlyweds on the hunt for a new home. Pick a new neighborhood each weekend to really explore on foot or by bike. Not only will you spot any houses for sale or rent, you’ll get a good idea about whether or not you see yourselves living there! Dreaming about the future together can be romantic and exciting.

10. Pick an outdoor concert.

Upbeat, outdoor concerts make for great date nights. Summer concert season is perfect for getting your dancing shoes out! Choose a band or type of music that’s generally upbeat and easy to dance to. Wear comfortable shoes and the two of you can spend the evening dancing together under the stars.