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Understanding Your Calorie Level

You’re ready. Ready, to shed this extra weight, get healthier and feel better. Joining Jenny is giving you tools and strategies to help you be successful. You can even plan and track foods and calories all in one place. But, you may be asking, How many calories do I need?

Based on your height, weight, age, gender and activity level, you’ve been given a weight loss calorie level -- personalized for you. Don’t expect to hit this number perfectly. There may be days when you are under a little, and more often, you’ll exceed it a bit.

Consider this number your baseline calorie level -- the amount of calories you need to lose weight in a healthy way. To this starting plan, you’ll add Free Foods and Limited Free Foods. They are a great way to add both flavor and satisfaction to your menu plan -- to help keep hunger at bay and fend off cravings for high-calorie temptations.

Many of these “free” foods contain calories, which will put you over your baseline calorie level. Some days you may be over just a bit, and other days, you may exceed your calorie level by more (possibly up to 150 calories). This is okay and shouldn’t impact your weight loss success. Over time, as you get accustomed to your lower-calorie menu, you may feel satisfied with less food and can choose to eat fewer Free Foods.

Remember to utilize My Planner and My Tracker online, the Jenny Craig mobile app or your paper menu to keep tabs on your menu plan and your choices. Self-monitoring is one key to weight loss success.