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Natural Activity Quiz

Our lives are filled with modern conveniences and tons of technology. It’s no wonder we sit so much! It takes effort to fit movement, not to mention physical activity, into our days. So where do you rate? Are you a Super Sitter? Take this simple quiz and find out.

Natural Activity Quiz

Rate how well each statement describes your typical behavior. Tally the numbers.

Always Most of the time Some of the time Rarely Never
I use the remote control to change the TV channel.12345
I sit while talking on the phone.12345
I hire a housekeeper or have someone else do the cleaning.12345
I hire a gardener instead of working in the yard.12345
I go by bus, car or cab even if the distance is short.12345
At work, I send an email or use the phone instead of walking to someone’s office.12345
I take the elevator instead of the stairs.12345
I choose the parking spot or bus stop closest to my destination.12345
When getting gas, I pay at the pump instead of walking to the cashier.12345
Add the numbers you tallied and rate your score.

8-15 = Super Sitter

Spice up your life by looking for opportunities to stand. Just getting up off your duff is a great first step. After standing more, get moving and make a plan to do at least one natural activity each day.

16-23 = Natural Activity Seeker

You’re moving, but there is still room to grow. Continue to seek ways to increase your natural physical activity. Remember that each step toward a more active lifestyle is a step closer to reaching your weight and health goals.

24-40 = Everyday Activity Expert

You are well on your way to the Preparation stage for physical activity! You have probably already discovered the pleasures of movement. Keep up the great work and continue looking for opportunities to use your muscles. The more active you are, the more calories you burn each day.