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Eat Well, Travel Well

Air travel has changed alot over the years. Travelers are now faced with spending more time at the airport because of early security and check-in times. Meal service on board has also changed. In some cases, you are still able to order special in-flight meals, but more often you are limited to a few snack selections.

With all the challenges that air travelers face today, this list might just simplify at least one aspect of travel: what to eat? Whether you’re a globetrotter or travel novice, you can use these tips to stay on track with your weight loss plan while traveling.

● If you make your flight reservations online, spend a few extra minutes to visit the airport’s website. You can get a list of restaurants and in some cases, even menus. If menus are not available, you may contact the restaurant and have them email or fax you a copy.

● For quick flights, take a Jenny’s Cuisine® snack and fresh fruit with you to eliminate the added pressure of purchasing food when you arrive at the airport. If you came empty handed, pick up a healthy option like fresh fruit, nonfat yogurt or a low-fat, whole-grain snack.

● If you frequently travel, plan your menu around Jenny’s portable items from our line of shelf-stable meal, such as one of the salad kits or soup bowls.

● Compensate for extra calories. Walk the terminal when you are waiting for a flight. Wear your pedometer, and set a goal to reach minimum number of steps.

● Stay aware -- use the tracker or your paper menu to self-monitor what you eat, extra foods eaten, and activity.

A quick trip across the states or a longer one abroad doesn’t have to stand in the way of your weight loss goals. You can stick with your weight loss program in the air as you would on land, with a few simple tricks.