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Mastering Rewards

The rewards you choose are important. The right ones can help drive you across the finish line. The wrong rewards can actually hold you back.

Reward yourself for positive behaviors with choices and actions that are not related to food. Treating yourself to a decadent dessert following a week of sticking to your diet plan is counter-productive. Doing so would set you back, not propel you forward. Instead, reward yourself by getting a facial, reading your favorite magazine or playing with your pets. These positive, non-food rewards will do wonders for your self-confidence and self-image.

In addition to using non-food rewards for achieving short-term goals, consider setting up “prizes” for long-term goals as well. Long-term rewards can be important to motivate you for the long haul. Make long-term rewards more sizeable (aka BIGGER):

● Plan a cruise or a trip when you reach your weight loss goal.

● Get a full makeover to show off the new you.

● Purchase a membership to your favorite gym. You’ll not only tone your body but you’ll continue to surround yourself with others who have similar goals.

● Take a day to yourself -- engage in your favorite hobby, be a tourist, volunteer for a local charity.

No matter how large or small the goals are, when you reach them you can boost your self-image and confidence by rewarding yourself in positive, non-food ways.