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Tips to Renewing Your Weight Loss Commitment

It’s normal to feel a mix of emotions mid-way through your weight loss journey. Proud, but impatient at the same time. Take a moment to celebrate. You’ve come so far! Look at the new you.

Still unsure you want to keep going and do the work it takes to reach your goals? Having mixed emotions? No worries; here are reminders to keep you going:

● Remember, this is not a temporary diet plan, it is a lifestyle change. Staying the course will help solidify these new healthy behaviors to help you maintain your weight loss once you reach your goal.

● The time between now and your goal is not an extended “restriction” but a critical point in your weight management journey. It’s not a time to take a break, but a time to dig deeper into what you really want and discover what works best for you.

● If you feel like your life has been ‘on hold’ while you’re dieting, reframe your approach. Step out of your comfort zone now, while you still have the structure and support of Jenny. Dine out, go to parties, start cooking more and utilize Jenny’s online resources for help along the way.

● When these mixed emotions hit, take a few moments to reflect and remind yourself why you are doing this.

Take pride in your achievements! Don’t stop now, you’re goal weight is waiting.