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Choose Portion-Controlled Foods for Better Weight Loss

A new study published in Obesity magazine confirms what Jenny Craig’s expert nutritionists have known for 30+ years: pre-packaged, portion-controlled foods can be a powerful ally in your weight loss journey. Here’s how.

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Real Members Share why they Picked Jenny Craig

We know your choices for weight loss plans are vast. If you’ve ever wondered why REAL members picked Jenny Craig over another program, read on!

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Slow Down and Eliminate Distractions While Eating

Distracted and unconscious eating may actually be harming your weight loss goals.

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Jenny Craig's Program Guide

Make the most of your weight loss journey with this guide to help you navigate the key pillars of the Jenny Craig program: Eat Well, Move More, Live Life.

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We've put our most requested items in one easy-to-find location. Our printable Jenny Craig menus are a favorite!

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