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Bre'ly Evans Joins Jenny Craig's "Team Jenny" to support the American Heart Association's Miami Heart Walk

Carlsbad, Calif. (October 6, 2012) — Jenny Craig Brand Ambassador Bre’ly Evans is proud to participate in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk on behalf of “Team Jenny,” on Saturday, October, 6th. The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association's premiere event that brings communities together to raise funds and celebrate progress in the fight against heart disease and stroke.  Jenny Craig is a proud National Sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk and is supporting more than 300 walks across the United States in 2012. 

“My grandmother died from diabetes and I didn’t want to be in that same situation with my health later on in life,” said Evans, who has lost 33 pounds* on Jenny Craig. “I owed it to myself to be the vibrant, vivacious person on the outside that I was on the inside.  And I knew that if I wanted to make changes for my health, I had to do it now.” There is evidence that shows losing 5-10% of your body weight reduces your risk for cardiovascular diseases through improvements in blood cholesterol levels1.

In support of the American Heart Association’s healthy-living initiative My Heart. My Life™, Jenny Craig launched My Heart. My Life.™ My Jenny, which focuses on educating the public regarding the significant health risks associated with weight-related diseases, including heart disease and stroke. Through marketing campaigns, PSAs, community programs, education and online activations, the brand is encouraging the public to eat better, move more and live a healthier life. 

“Bre’ly came to us because she wanted to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle,” said Dana Fiser, Global CEO of Jenny Craig. “To see her achieve her goals with our clinically proven, personalized program with one-on-one support, makes us proud and we are thrilled to have her at the Miami Heart Walk representing Jenny Craig today.”

Most people don’t realize that weight impacts their heart health and maintaining a healthy weight can positively impact risk factors including blood pressure and cholesterol management, blood sugar levels and BMI.  Current research surveys show that less than 1 percent of Americans are in “ideal heart health,” as defined by the AHA and that’s why Jenny is proud to be supporting the American Heart Association’s mission to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent by 20201.

Through engagement with its centres, Jenny will bring its clinically-proven approach to weight loss and motivate the public to participate in the Heart Walks throughout the country with free training plans at

*Clients following our program, on average, lose 1-2 pounds per week.

My Heart. My Life. TM American Heart Association.

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