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Celebrate National Nutrition Month - Put Balance Back Into Your Lifestyle

LA JOLLA, CALIF., March 2, 2001 - With 61 percent of Americans overweight, National Nutrition Month is the perfect time to adopt a healthier lifestyle. But many people may not know that making just a few, simple changes in their daily routine can lead to lasting benefits, according to Jenny Craig, Inc., one of the largest weight management programs worldwide.

"Our clients tell us that the top two challenges they face in losing weight are time and stress," says Jenny Craig, co-founder of the weight loss program that bears her name. "Finding simple strategies for maintaining a balanced lifestyle is the first step to achieving a healthy weight. It's really all about taking care of yourself and getting back in touch with some of your most basic needs. And it can be quite simple."

Jenny suggests making one small change in your routine - taking a short walk, drinking more water, choosing to have a piece of fruit for an afternoon pick-me-up, or giving yourself the gift of five minutes of absolute silence - and doing it consistently. "Several small changes can add up to a big change in lifestyle, if you do them every day," she says.

During National Nutrition Month, the American Dietetic Association has challenged Americans to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices, and to develop sound eating and physical activity habits. The Jenny Craig Program supports this approach, and is founded on three success factors: healthy eating, activity and life balance. It is the third of these factors - achieving balance in your life - that is the key to addressing time and stress challenges, and Jenny recommends a list of "Self-Care Essentials" to help her clients prepare to achieve a healthy weight:

  • Drink Water - 8 glasses a day or more, to help replenish the body's most essential nutrient
  • Take a vitamin supplement - to replace nutrients that are often lost during weight loss
  • Engage in invigorating activity - not necessarily exercise, but make more "active" choices
  • Relax - regularly set aside time for yourself to do something that you love, even if that "something" is nothing at all
  • Make positive affirmations - listen to how you talk to yourself, and use positive language to recognize and celebrate your successes
  • Seek support - surround yourself with people who reinforce these Self-Care Essentials, especially people who have successfully incorporated them into their own lives

The most recent studies reinforce the notion that achieving balance is essential to both weight loss and weight maintenance. "The USDA has just reaffirmed that total calories consumed is the major determinant in weight loss," says Lisa Talamini, R.D., Jenny Craig's director of program development, "and that people who eat a moderate fat, high carbohydrate diet as recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid are the most likely to maintain weight loss."

Similarly, the National Weight Control Registry has confirmed that people who maintain their weight loss tend to eat a reduced-fat, high-carbohydrate diet and stay physically active every day - often in simple ways - and they monitor themselves and have a plan to ensure they maintain their desired weight. All of these factors are integral parts of the Jenny Craig Program, and all of them require life balance in order to achieve the best results.