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"FRIENDS" Tips The Scale of TV Shows That Best Represent New Year's Resolution Attitudes

LA JOLLA, CALIF., December 19, 2001 - NBC-TV's long-running hit show "Friends" tipped the scales as the TV program that best represents attitudes toward becoming healthier in the New Year.

According to a national survey conducted by Jenny Craig, Inc., 1,000 women 18 and older 'weighed in' their opinion by revealing which of these four popular television shows - Temptation Island, Survivor, Friends and The Real World - best represents their New Year's resolutions of adopting a healthier lifestyle in 2002. The results:

  1. Friends: The resolutions are here to stay - 19%
  2. The Real World: Good and bad days for five whole months - 15%
  3. Temptation Island: It doesn't last for more than two weeks - 14%
  4. Survivor: A struggle for the entire month it lasts - 9%

The survey also found that despite national security and economic concerns, the majority of American women are optimistic about keeping their New Year's resolutions for 2002. In addition, more than half of them make an effort to eat nutritiously and exercise more at the start of every year.

"Such a survey points to something I call 'diet readiness,'" explains Kelly Brownell, Ph.D., an internationally known expert on eating disorders, obesity and body weight regulation and a member of Jenny Craig's Medical Advisory Panel. "One of the main keys to losing weight is motivation. Understanding an individual's readiness to change established behaviors, as well as recognizing the external and internal barriers that might impact that commitment, can help
determine how successful that person will ultimately be at making positive, long-term lifestyle changes."

To help keep and maintain New Year's resolutions, Lisa Talamini, senior registered dietitian at Jenny Craig Inc., recommends the following tips:

  • Survive By Defining Your Dream. Behind your weight goal is usually a bigger one that relates to your life and what matters most. Think about how energizing and empowering it will feel to reach your goal, and use those feelings to fuel your motivation past the end of the month.
  • Live In The Real World. Expect progress, not perfection. It takes practice to develop new habits, so try setting "mini-resolutions" such as these:
    • Add an extra fruit/vegetable to your day
    • Start taking "walk breaks" instead of "coffee breaks"
    • Set aside 30 minutes a week as personal time to de-stress in healthy ways
  • Don't Completely Resist Temptation. Practice moderation instead. Don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods - just pay attention to portion size, and balance higher calorie choices with lower ones over the course of several days.
  • Engage Friends And Family. Tell the world about your plans for a healthy lifestyle and you'll not only have instant support - you'll be less likely to back out of your commitment.
  • Take A Fresh Approach. Instead of just going back to your pre-holiday routine, think about ways to give a fun twist to lifestyle change. Sign up for a cooking class, explore Pilates or yoga, or discover a new walking path.
  • Make Your Plan Specific. Instead of resolving to going to the gym "more often", write in a gym appointment on your daily calendar for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

** Survey Source: Jenny Craig National Survey of 1000 Women, 18 and older (December 2001)