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Survey Indicates Avocados as Most Representative of Women's Figures

Jenny Craig Reveals Summer Survey Results and Offers Healthy Summer Tips

LA JOLLA, Calif., June 2002 - As part of a recent online summer survey conducted by Jenny Craig, Inc., more than 3,500 women nationwide "weighed in" on a variety of questions - including what summer fruit or vegetable best represented their current body type in a bathing suit. Overwhelmingly, women indicated that of the four choices provided, their body most closely resembled an avocado…small on top and larger on the bottom. Specifically, the results were:

1. Avocado - small on top and larger towards the bottom (40%)
2. Pineapple - thick from top to bottom (35%)
3. Peach - round and plump (20%)
4. Celery - long and lean (5%)

When women were asked about what song most closely reflected how successful they expected to be at shaping up before summer, more than 67 percent thought it would be "The Long and Winding Road." They'd get there eventually, but there might be a few bumps along the way.

"This survey was a fun and whimsical way to discover what is on women's minds as we head into summer," said Patti Larchet, president and COO. "What we learned just reinforces the important role that the Jenny Craig Program plays in helping people successfully manage their weight and make positive, healthy lifestyle changes."

According to Lisa Talamini, R.D., Jenny Craig Director of Program Development, "Summer is a wonderful time to savor seasonal fruits and vegetables, be physically active, and enjoy fun outdoor events with family and friends."

Talamini suggests the following helpful tips to keep summer meals light and lean:

  • Substitute nonfat yogurt for mayonnaise in your potato salad. You'll save about 45 fat grams per quarter cup!
  • Be a "produce aisle adventurer" at the grocery store. Make it your personal goal to try something new and interesting once a week
  • Plan healthy meals several days in advance so you don't leave your willpower open to temptation.
  • Season your garden vegetables with fresh herbs, lemon juice, stock, wine, flavored vinegars, sliced almonds or olives instead of butter and oil.
  • Trade heavy sauces for fresh salsas. Combine chopped roma tomatoes with onions, jalapeno and cilantro – or go fruity by mixing chopped papaya, mango, tomato, lime juice, and cilantro, or peaches with watermelon, red pepper and raspberry vinegar
  • Think of water as Nature's wine…serve it in a crystal glass with a twist of lime.