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Jenny Craig Unveils New Twists In Its Next Round of Kirstie Alley Commercials

Carlsbad, CA, December 13, 2005 - Jenny Craig, Inc. today announced the launch of its next round of commercials featuring Kirstie Alley, Jenny Craig's star client. Since enrolling in the Jenny Craig program in late December 2004, Ms. Alley's weight loss journey has inspired millions of Americans. Reflecting Jenny Craig's upbeat and empathic approach to weight loss, Jenny Craig's breakthrough campaign featuring Kirstie Alley has focused on Ms. Alley's humorous and lighthearted personality. This campaign has broken the mold in an industry where commercials have often been based on outlandish "magic bullet" claims. America has reacted by enrolling in the Jenny Craig program in record numbers.

The new campaign, which will launch nationally on December 26, 2005, continues to focus on Ms. Alley's increased energy, Jenny Craig's personalized program, and the wide variety of foods offered by Jenny Craig. The first commercial includes a splashy, music video-type dance production, in which Ms. Alley realizes her oft-expressed desire that her weight loss - and the associated boost in her self-confidence - will enhance her appeal to the opposite sex. She discovers that she's not only finding men, but that "It's Raining Men"! The ad concludes with a fanciful double somersault, a special effect that captures Ms. Alley's new spirit.

The upcoming series of three commercials will continue with a lush commercial focusing on the sensual delight of Jenny's Cuisine and a parody of an iconic American story, which will include Ms. Alley's sister and a friend of the star, each of whom has lost significant weight on the Jenny Craig program.

C. Scott Parker, Jenny Craig's Vice President of Marketing, said "These ads are energetic, sensual and funny - just like Kirstie - and they all feature the "Have you called Jenny yet?" call to action, which has become a pop culture phenomenon. Kirstie Alley is an outstanding Jenny Craig success story and a tremendous talent, and we're thrilled with our new campaign." The new series of ads were directed by Malik Sayeed and produced by the company in conjunction with JWT, New York.