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Jenny Craig Appoints Barbara Fulmer To Newly Created Position, National Director Of Corporate Programs

Deepening Commitment to Help Employers Reduce Obesity-Related Healthcare Costs, Industry Leader Hires Business Development Expert to Create Customized Programs

CARLSBAD, Calif., Dec. 10, 2004 - Jenny Craig, Inc. today announced the appointment of Barbara Fulmer to the recently established position of National Director of Corporate Programs. Fulmer and her team will work with both large employer groups and insurance companies to create tailored weight management programs for their employees and clients.

"Independent research has shown that the annual medical costs of an obese employee are 25-35% higher than those of normally weighted employees, not even taking into account the costs of absenteeism and lost productivity" said Kent Coykendall, vice president of strategic planning and business development for Jenny Craig. "Employers with weight management programs in place are recognizing a significant return on investment, averaging $1,000 to $2,000 savings per employee each year."

With those statistics in mind, healthcare providers and businesses are assuming greater responsibility for the obesity epidemic in America.

According to Fulmer, "Studies show that when a company sponsors a membership, there will be more enrollments and better results because the employees feel more value has been put on their well-being by their company. They also have less cost objections to stand in their way of taking action and reaching the goals that are important to them."

Having recently served as the Director of Training for Jenny Craig, Fulmer's prior experience in the healthcare and benefits field with Liberty Mutual, PacifiCare and Online Benefits will be instrumental in her new sales leadership position.

Jenny Craig corporate partners can choose from two options - a sponsored program or an endorsed program. The sponsored program option allows companies to cover the full or partial cost of the Jenny Craig program for employees, making a true investment in employees' health and wellness. The endorsed program allows employees to enroll in Jenny Craig at a discounted rate.

The Corporate Programs department will have the benefit of offering the new Jenny Craig YourStyle™ program, a flexible, personalized and comprehensive approach to Food, Body and Mind - the three essential components of successful weight management. Jenny Craig Consultants work with each client to develop a personalized plan that fits the client's individual lifestyle, rather than changing the client's lifestyle to fit a diet program.

Concluded Coykendall, "We're excited to expand further into the corporate benefits market and to participate in creating a healthier workforce in America."

Corporations looking to implement an employee wellness program in their organization can contact Jenny Craig's Corporate Programs department at 760-696-4522.