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Jenny Craig Introduces New Personalized Program For A Contemporary Approach To Healthy Living

YourStyle™ Evaluates Individual's Food and Activity Preferences, and Weight Loss Mindset, to Create Custom-Made Weight Management Plan

CARLSBAD, California, Sept. 7 - Recognizing one size does not fit all when it comes to health and nutrition, weight management leader Jenny Craig introduces YourStyle, a tailored, flexible plan that maximizes Jenny Craig's hallmark one-on-one support with a comprehensive approach to Food, Body and Mind - the three essential components of successful weight management.

"Many factors affect a client's weight management style, including time challenges, travel schedules, food likes and dislikes, meal pattern, exercise routine and past dieting history," said Jim Evans, CEO of Jenny Craig, Inc. "YourStyle offers clients an all-inclusive program that reflects their individual beliefs and behaviors, making it easier for them to follow through with their plan and realize continued success - whether that's losing ten pounds for a wedding or trading in a "lose-twenty-gain-thirty" cycle for a lifelong maintenance plan."

To accurately identify an individual's weight management style, Jenny Craig Consultants provide each client with a questionnaire at their first meeting that addresses all facets of the Food-Body-Mind platform. The client's responses are then analyzed to reveal the behavioral, attitudinal and lifestyle factors that influence their ability to make healthier choices. Armed with this information, Consultants create an action plan - including tailored menus, activity strategies and self-nurturing rewards - that will serve as a blueprint for weekly one-on-one consultations, and provide each client with a unique map for weight loss success.

To fully explore each client's weight loss needs, the YourStyle questionnaire is divided into three sections representing the Jenny Craig Food-Body-Mind platform: Eating Style, Activity Stage and Weight Loss Mindset. Based on the client responses, Jenny Craig consultants determine whether the client is an "uninformed," "emotional," "unconscious" or "social" eater; whether his or her activity stage falls within "contemplation," "preparation," "maintenance" or "action;" and whether he or she is a "self-validator," "self-critic," "self-nurturer" or "self-sacrificer." Consultants then use these findings to develop a customized program and move clients along a continuum of change toward their weight loss goals.

"We recognize that a parent of three may be more pressed for time in the morning, but able to squeeze in a midday workout when the kids are at school, while someone else may prefer taking an evening walk with their spouse or dog. We also understand some people have a weakness for salty snacks, while others can't get through the afternoon without chocolate," continued Evans. "This is precisely why YourStyle works. It acknowledges that we all need different strategies to eat more healthfully, become more active and positively re-frame our perspectives."

YourStyle includes new menu additions, high protein and meatless options, as well as a variety of new dressings and sauces. From Pesto Pizza to Almond Walnut Snack Mix, and from Orange and Basil Salad Dressing to Shitake Mushroom Sauce, clients can enjoy tasty menus and recipes without sacrificing flavor or being deprived of their favorite foods.

The YourStyle Program will be implemented in Jenny Craig Centres throughout the United States, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico. More information about the Jenny Craig program is available at or 1-800-597-JENNY.